The King of Lies

I love John Grisham novels.  I’ve read most of them, so when I’m looking for a book to read on vacation sometimes I have to settle for “Grisham-lite.”  That’s what I THOUGHT I was doing with The King of Lies.  But I underestimated this book. 


The story drew me in and kept my attention at every turn.  It was a mystery with an end that I should have seen coming, but I was so involved emotionally with the lead character and his quest to do the right thing that I never even considered the actual course of events. 


I think the thing that really made this book shine was the simplicity of the story.  There are only a handful of characters and I never had to stop and remind myself who anyone was.  Each character was richly drawn and this book would make an excellent movie.


I will be seeking out more of this author’s work; you should read this book.


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