It is beautiful here today; well, actually, its cold. Which makes me very happy. Its cloudy, there’s a breeze blowing, and I’m sitting on my mom’s couch with the door open, almost shivering at times from the wind. And I am so relaxed.

FAIR UPDATE: Mom and I are working on music for the concert on Sunday. She’s very much into rehearsal. Me – not so much. I kinda just like to go do it and trust that my very little small natural talent will carry me through along with a whole lot of reverb.

I entered a poem into the contest at the fair. So did Mom. She got 1st, I got 2nd. No one else entered.

Last night I had some delicious chicken & noodles for dinner and the much craved cinnamon ice cream. Hung out with my niece Kamryn and she got to ride some rides.

This morning I took a ride through town and went to the bank and the grocery store and have just laid around. Its been wonderful. Will head over to the fairgrounds tonight, I’m sure, for dinner. I hope I remembered to bring a sweatshirt this year….


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