Taking a break from vacation

Without giving too many details as I wasn’t there and really don’t want this situation to get any more attention than is necessary, I do want to address what happened last night in the Cincinnati wrestling community.

I’ve been telling people for years what a problem a certain person is and he was finally dismissed from our promotion for his unprofessionalism. The main instigator in last night’s situation actually had the nerve (ignorance?) to walk to the ring at a school show smoking a cigarette. And the so-called leader of this organization did absolutely nothing about it.

What concerns me is that this might now affect our business because they chose to run so close to our building. Here’s what I want to say to all involved (and since this is a family friendly board, I’ll keep it that way as much as possible).

You are a bunch of jackasses who are an embarrassment to the business. I am infuriated by your lack of respect for something that I consider a major part of my life and I hope you are punished accordingly. Anyone who chooses to work for that company deserves whatever they get. I am outraged and frustrated and sad. That is all.

Now… back to my vacation!


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