I pay way too much rent. But mornings like this remind me why.

I gently woke up to the natural light coming in my bedroom window and am now looking out at a cloudy gray sky with all the hustle and bustle of Saturday morning traffic, rows of once brightly colored trains on the track, and the sound of chirping birds quietly chattering to each other.

As I look out at the city, I am grateful for the sanctuary of my bed – in all its enormousness, its softness, its comfort. Its nice to have a place to go that feels safe.

And when the outside world seems so scary all I have to do is close the blind, close my eyes, and fall back asleep. I wish everyone had that ability.

But they don’t and that is why I’ll get up on Monday morning, make the 45 minute drive to work, and try to make the world a little better for those folks who can’t find safety in their own sanctuaries by helping them look for it in new ways.

Its satisfying, much like when I get to come home and crawl between the sheets and look out at that skyline view that I pay too much for. Everything has a price.


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